Undead Tour

Undead Tour

For centuries the old French Quarter has been bedeviled by ghosts and blood-sucking creatures of the night, and this tour will take you to the locations where murders, suicides, and heinous crimes actually took place and left their imprint upon the city. Many tours promise stories of ghosts and vampires, but this tour presents historically accurate and verifiable stories of famous hauntings and vampire lore, including the horrific tale of Delphine LaLaurie and her haunted mansion. Your guide will take you back in time, bringing to thrilling life once more the colorful characters who still haunt the streets of New Orleans, some centuries after their demise. New Orleans has always been a city that comes to life - and death - at night, and it has attracted to its bosom many who believe they are vampires. Come along and hear the real stories of vampiric-related murders which have occurred in this beautiful crescent.

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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Cultural & Theme Tours
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