Traditional Balinese Cooking Class & Meal in a Multi-Generational Family Home

Traditional Balinese Cooking Class & Meal in a Multi-Generational Family Home

Join your host Putu in the kitchen for a hands-on cooking lesson. You'll work together to prepare 2-3 authentic Balinese dishes and as you chop, grind and grill Putu will teach you about the spices she uses in her family recipes as well as the medicinal qualities of Balinese ingredients.

Putu's kitchen is simple, with only a two burner cooktop, and you are sure to be impressed by the speed and fluidity with which she can prepare a complex menu with multiple dishes. You’ll get to taste a variety of authentic dishes with potential ones being Putu’s grilled eggplant with tomato, grilled fish with Balinese sambal (chili sauce), a curry dish (either chicken, fish or vegetarian) or perhaps a variety of pepes (foods seasoned with local spices, wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed). You can expect the cooking lesson to last about 1-2 hours before you sit down and enjoy the delicious meal you helped prepare with your host and her family.

Live like a local among the locals with this private hands-on cooking lesson. Join your host, Putu, her grandparents, her husband, and their children for lunch or dinner in their traditional compound home. Learn about the spices Putu uses, the traditional Balinese medicines she makes, and the rice, fruit, and animals her grandparents tend on their farm as you prepare and eat a Balinese feast, washed down with local alcohol.

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Ubud, Indonesia
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Cooking Classes
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