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2-Night Private Tour: Famous Heritage Hotels Stay in Chettinad with Culinary Excursion from Tiruchirappalli

Join this 3-night private tour to experience 2 different famous heritage hotels stay in the unique city of Chettinad! Chettinad possesses some outstanding characteristics of urban and rural planning which create a unique architectural ensemble with thousands of palatial houses....More

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2-Day Handicrafts Tour in Thanjavur from Tiruchirappalli

Thanjavur is most attractive for its amazing art and architecture. Amble through this city that still upholds some of its ancient lineage in music, paintings, handicrafts and valuable pieces. Visit Brihadeeswara Temple, The Palace, Art Gallery and Saraswati Mahal Library....More

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3-Night Tour of Great Cholas Dynasty with Church of our Lady of Velankanni from Tiruchirappalli

Join the 3-night tour to experience the great historic Monuments of Cholas Dynasty - Church of our Lady of Velankanni. Travel from Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) and visit one of the most famous landmarks Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort. Drive to Velankanni and en-route...More

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