Peking Opera Experience at Liyuan Theater

Peking Opera Experience at Liyuan Theater

Peking Opera, or Beijing Opera, is the most celebrated of China's 300-400 different opera styles. With its fascinating and artistic music, singing and costumes, Peking Opera is China's favorite opera. Storylines in Peking Opera reference many aspects of Chinese culture, including historical tales, myths and legends and popular romances. An opera performance consists of beautiful painted sets, exquisite costumes, graceful gestures, martial arts and of course opera singing. Opera is so popular among Chinese people, especially seniors, that "Peking Opera Month" has even been officially declared. For first time Peking opera goers, the Liyuan Theatre presents traditional opera excerpts designed in short programs, yet maintaining the essence of the original works.

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Beijing, China
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Shows, Concerts & Sports
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