Interactive Sensory Cocktail Experience in Belfast: Sensorium

Interactive Sensory Cocktail Experience in Belfast: Sensorium

The experience is entirely interactive from start to finish and you'll learn all about the wonderful sensory world living in through incredible mixed drinks and cocktails. Rather than just sampling cocktails on a night out, this special sensory experience takes your cocktail tasting skills to a new level. Take part in a series of interactive audio and visual experiments to help you discover why you like certain flavors and what kind of taster you are. Best of all, there’s no need to pay extra for your drinks, as four cocktails are included.

  • Unusual and interactive cocktail experience in Belfast
  • Atmospheric setting: Experience takes place in a historic building
  • Try four different cocktails during your tasting journey
  • Avoid the crowds: Group size is capped at 10 people
Tour Location: 
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Tour Type: 
Cocktail Tastings
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