The Gorge Of Erma River from Sofia

The Gorge Of Erma River from Sofia

Only 79 km from Sofia, the Erma’s River Gorge offers more than just relaxation and a breath of fresh mountain air, but also an opportunity for various sports. Rocks in the gorge are quite high, probably over 80-100 meters. Erma Gorge eco foot path is 13 kilometers long and takes about 8 hours. Do not imagine, however, a wide plateau. There are those, but most of the time the road is steep and narrow. Places are built earth steps and picturesque wooden bridges, where it can be seen as mere gorge and turbulent waters of Erma. Western Bulgaria has the charm of timeless picture. Small picturesque villages preserved the look and traditions, hospitable people, ready to welcome anyone with open heart and to share with him his love of his native land.

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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Multi-day & Extended Tours
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