The Dark Days: Pablo Escobar and The New Medellín Tour

The Dark Days: Pablo Escobar and The New Medellín Tour

You would be hard pressed to read an article, blog entry or forum anywhere in the world that did not mention Pablo Escobar`s association with Medellín Colombia`s history. He was a notorious drug lord, criminal and killer. It was a period in Medellín`s history that most locals would prefer to forget. He was listed in Forbes magazine as the 7th richest man in the world. He was elected to the house of representatives. He once offered to pay Colombia`s national debt of 26 billion dollars in exchange for immunity from prosecution. He built his own lavish luxury home to serve as his jail cell. He put out bounties on Colombian policemen and he died in a hail of bullets after being tracked down by the Colombian military, US DEA and other agencies.

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Medellin, Colombia
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Cultural & Theme Tours
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