Ayahuasca Spiritual Experience with Wachuma San Pedro

Ayahuasca Spiritual Experience with Wachuma San Pedro

The team recognizes the importance of the art of living well, the essence of walking in a sacred manner just as the wise ancestors of the Andes did. The art of living that honors existence, that celebrates creation and the gift of life; that gives thanks and praise, and that gives strength and effort towards personal growth and transformation; to opening up space and experience that promotes self-realization, transcending our limitations and breaking new ground to reveal our infinite gifts and potential as individual flowers and manifestations of One divine consciousness. Here in the Andes, with a stunning natural landscape and a rich history of culture, science and wisdom, it's no wonder why people are called here from all corners of the globe. Yet few are those pilgrims who come searching, who come called to a higher purpose on a walkabout through the Andes.

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Cusco, Peru
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Cultural & Theme Tours
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