4-Day Choquequirao Trek

4-Day Choquequirao Trek

Enjoy a 4-day hike to the Choquequirao ruins. Discovered by a French explorer in the 18th century, this place fascinated 19th century explorers and was also visited by Hiram Bingham prior to his discovery of Machu Picchu. Grand and mysterious, this abandoned city is similar to Machu Picchu. Just recently COPESCO (the official body responsible for tourism in Peru) partially cleared the site, so there still remains a lot more to be discovered. This is perfect if you want to visit a number of stunning Inca sites linked by a beautiful stone pathway built in the midst of the most incredible scenery in rising altitudes.

Tour Location: 
Cusco, Peru
Tour Type: 
Multi-day & Extended Tour
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The photo is courtesy of Viator.com

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