2-Day or 3-Day Boat Adventure Trip in Paraty

2-Day or 3-Day Boat Adventure Trip in Paraty

Experience this multi-day activity on-board of the Gurdian and enjoy outdoor nights under the starts. Hop on a boat with your friends or family, meeting people from all over the world, and be prepared to explore in style! Swim, kayak, stand up paddle, snorkel, surf, hike, eat the best local food, relax at the beach, check out great mountain views and party in Paraty. The advantage of being on a boat enables us to explore the most beautiful parts of Paraty, getting out of the beaten path to find the gems of this pristine region. We go out all year long on 2 or 3 days trips. All routes stay within the bay area, thou exploring isolated islands and beaches, as well as exploring trails, mountains and most importantly, getting to know the local communities and their way of life. Choice of meals on-board or on local beach side restaurants. Private groups option available, or groups formed on demand.

Tour Location: 
Paraty, Brazil
Tour Type: 
Multi-day & Extended Tours
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